Is Security Important to You?

Published on 9/4/2019

Is security important to you when you store your boat, RV, or other items in a self storage unit?  If not, it should be.  Storage facilities, especially ones with weak or no security measures at all, are a target for thieves.  No one wants to retrieve their boat or RV for a fun weekend only to find their storage unit has been broken into and their property has been vandalized or even worse, stolen.

At Elite Storage, we have taken many measures to limit our clients exposure to theft or vandalism to the best of our ability.  While we don't want to give all our secrets away on some of the measures that we have taken, here are a few we feel are important that every storage facility should be incorporating to protect their clients property and investments.

Entrance Gate
We have a fully automated entrance gate that must use a key pad to enter.  This code is unique to each client so we can track who comes in and out.  In addition to the key pad, we take a picture each time a person uses the key pad, whether they have a valid code or not.  We have a clear view of who is using what codes and when.  We also require each person to use their code to then exit the property.  Reason for this is, if you have a Class A, B or C RV, classic car, or any other motor vehicle stored with us, we limit a thief's ability to breach the gate, hot wire your vehicle, and drive it out.  If they don't have a valid code, they are not getting out.  Weaker security measures for automatic gates open as soon as a car approaches the exit.

The entire Elite Storage Facility is enclosed by either fencing or a building.  There are no open spaces someone can get in or out without going through a gate.  We also have a privacy fence across the back of the property to keep prying eyes at bay.  Our Iron Rod fence across the front sets the tone of how serious we take our security.  The trees and shrubs across the iron rod fence also serve as a buffer to limit what someone can see into the property.

Security Camera's
We have invested in a state of the art security camera system that covers every inch of our facility.  We have several cameras that follow movement within the facility and zoom in on license plates and faces to deter anyone from illegal activity.  We track all vehicles going in and out of the facility.

Location, Location, Location
The old saying for retail stores also applies to storage facilities.  We are located on N 2nd E in Rexburg, a main road with high traffic.  Thieves like low traffic areas that are quiet and dark to reduce their risk of getting caught.  We are directly behind Porter's Office Products, who also has a good relationship with the police department who drives through on a regular basis.

Thieves love the cover of darkness.  We keep our storage facility lighted from dusk till dawn each day.  We have LED lighting down all the isles to ensure the camera's can see as well as you can see clearly too.  We even have minimal lighting in all our enclosed units so they aren't pitch black in the back at nights when you are accessing your property.  With all of the lighting, you should always feel safe in our facility.

Facility Maintenance
We take great pride in our new storage facility in Rexburg, and strive to keep it looking new at all times.  We do weekly checks throughout the site making sure everything is in working order.

Tenant Protection
Did you know that most home owners and commercial insurance policies do not cover off site self storage?  This is why we offer a tenant protection plan on our enclosed units so you can cover your belonging in case of a unforeseen event or theft.  The cost is minimal and covers the majority of events that can take place at a self storage facility.

These are just some of the security measures that we have taken to keep your property and investments secure.  If  you are currently renting at another facility, or looking to rent a storage unit for your boat, RV, or other personal property, make sure you discuss the security measures the facility offers and at minimum they should have all of the above options for you and your property.  No one can stop all theft or vandalism, but providing these measures can sure reduce the overall risk of it.