Putting Your Boat Away Tips After a Day on the Water

Published on 8/10/2019
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Having an enjoyable day on the water begins with how you prepared your boat last last time you took it out.  Nothing worse than being out on the lake and having boat problems.  Here are some suggestions when putting your boat away after a day on the lake so it's ready for the next trip.

  • Ensure the drain plug at the lowest point of the boat on the trailer is pulled out.  Many of the newer boats have several drain plugs and the lowest one is in the center of the boat.  Leave the plug out while not using the boat to promote airflow to dry the bottom of your boat.  DO NOT forget to put it back in before you hook up the trailer for your next outing.
  • Disconnect the batteries.  You may have a quick disconnect which makes this easy.  Boats are famous for having small electrical drains and you don't want to be that guy asking for a jump on the boat ramp.
  • Pull out life jackets to dry.  This will keep mildew from forming on them, as well as a chance to inspect for any damage that will need fixed or replaced before you go out again.  It also gives you a chance to inventory your jackets to make sure you have all of them and enough for everyone on your boat.
  • For boats with lockers, open up the lockers to dry out the back of the boat from the dripping water as riders enter the boat after their set.  For all boats, remove a few seat cushions to dry out any water that got under the seats.
  • Wipe your boat down.  We suggest a vinegar and water mix to remove hard water spots.  Another favorite product of ours is Boat Bling's Hot Sauce.  Smells good too.
  • Check your oil. Though you may not check it every time you go out, but you should at least check it once a month.
  • We are fans of ethanol free fuel.  This helps keep your fuel system clean and limit moisture build up in your fuel since you most likely aren't running your boat daily.
  • Check the air pressure on your tires monthly to ensure they are set to the manufacturers recommended PSI
  • Check your lights and trailer connections.  Better to identify any issues before you go out the next time.