Facility Rules & Regulations

  1. Please place only one lock on your storage unit and you are responsible for your lock.  We are not responsible for units left unsecured.
  2. For security reasons, please use your access code each time you enter and exit the facility.
  3. Observe the 5 miles per hour speed limit while driving in the facility.  Park cars and trucks as to not block driveways or other storage units.  No vehicles may be left parked or stored in driveways.
  4. No open flames of any type such as camping equipment, cutting torches, kerosene lamps, candles, etc. are allowed in the unit or storage space.
  5. No sanding or spray painting is allow on premises.
  6. Do no penetrate walls, ceilings, doors or floor with nails, screws, bolts, or the like.  Do not attach shelves to walls or modify the interior of the unit in any way without prior authorization.
  7. Dump station and amenities are for the sole use of the tenant's vehicles/property stored at the facility.  Any unauthorized use of the dump station by tenant invitee's, guests, or anyone you allow on premises will result in a $30 dump fee added to your rent per each occurrence.  Dump station is only available seasonally, typically from April 1st - November 15th.
  8. You shall keep the facility and surrounding storage space clean and free of rubbish, dirt, and other debris at all times.
  9. There is no dumpster on site and you shall dispose all trash and rubbish off-site at your own expense.
  10. Unenclosed storage spaces are to be kept neat and clean.  Nothing can be stored next to, underneath, behind, in front of, or on top of vehicle/boat that's not secured or unintended to by design.
  11. Only 1 vehicle to enter and exit at a time through the automatic gate.
  12. All goods are stored at your own risk. Most personal, home, and commercial insurance policies do not cover off-site storage. Please ensure Elite Storage is named in your insurance policy for coverage.  Elite Storage does offer tenant protection through a 3rd party for personal property stored in the enclosed units at an additional cost. Price varies based on coverage amount.
  13. Report any change of address, phone number, etc. to Elite Storage immediately to keep our records current.